Saturday, 9 April 2011

Dreams Of Question Mark?

Few days ago I had a weird dream about I'm getting a couple of twin little brothers. It was so real and I was so happy back in the dream. I can still remember the color of their napkins to 'bedung' them. Blue and light green. I can still remember their smile and how they sleep. I was sleeping with them and I was really excited about it. Suddenly, something make me think.... My mother passed away on 7th October 2009 and how on earth I can get new little brothers? I was still in that dream wondering how is it possible? I can feel what I touched..I can hear their breaths.. I was stuck in the middle of the dream and getting more confused by the situation. I was happy and I was confused. Sunlights woke me up and I was frustrated by the fact that I don't have any twin brothers.

Last night, I had another weird dream of a kid. He entered an old house by himself..(I don't know why) in the middle of the twilight. Suddenly he disappeared and I entered the house to find him. I found his torchlight and a piece of white cloth on the floor. I shouted 'Lailahaillallah' and the boy appeared in front of my eyes just like that! I was shocked and again...confused.

I am still...confused.


  1. ensem r kwn fik

  2. well bf had a dream he saw a snake.. three nights in a row..he doesn't now why..neither do i.. i had a same dream over and over.but nothing happen that relates to that particular dream..
    so for me..a dream is just something you had while you're asleep..
    as for others..idk..

  3. well..i know that..dream is just a dream kan? but then..I'm a kind of person who believe in 'signs' and, for dreams are some kind of message for me. fik tau yang this will sound quite lame..but..I'm just being me..:) so far..xde pape yang pelik, xde pape la kot..:P thanks for sharing btw..:D

  4. Just came across this blog. Those dreams you had, was actually not good. Someone tried to send something not good to you spiritually.

  5. AX..I've heard someone tell me that too..thanks for the info..:) I really hope I'm strong enough to fight all those threat..:)