Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A Day Of Smiles :)

This is a story of days of my smile with my second family. One Community Worldwide! :) We spent our days with full of enjoyment and tons of new knowledge. The best part was when we are together because we've never stopped from smiling in every second of our time..and these are my smiles.. :)

Amir,Safar (menantu abah), and T-ra..( at our bestfriend's restaurant!-Chandran) haha :P


wink2*! This is what I call 'malu-malu cicak' :P

Otai brother!

You're flying without wings..

See! I told you we're happy! :D



Guru contoh! :D

Hotstuff! Miss Rose!

Handsome Buddy..Jay!

Next Top Model...Miss Zarin!

Cikgu KEMAS yang berdedikasi.. Cikgu Syasya dan Cikgu Muiz..:)

Waiting for their turn to be 'rotan'-ed by Cikgu!

Sharing is always caring! :)

Otai Manjung in da house!!!

"pakcik kayo laok ayam ni ha! sapo nak?"

Cutest-lunch-face! :D

"ko nak sangat nama sedap-sedap kan? tunggu jap!!"

Rebonding bro!

Otai's brother is also an otai! hehe :P

cuuweeet kan? cuuweeet cangat! :P

Cutest-Dinner-Face! :D

The day passed with smiles and laughter and yet useful knowledge that have been shared..We wont forget this day! :)

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